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Joint Concept For Competing

Lauren Lyons

Our adversaries have implemented approaches below the level of armed conflict that avoid deterrent tripwires; they aim to achieve strategic objectives and "win without fighting."

Competitive Strategies Theory and Practice

Dr. Thomas G. Mahnken

This talk will discuss the theory and practices of competitive strategies, as practiced by Britain against Imperial Germany in the early 20th century and the United States against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, with implications for competition with China and Russia today.

Latest Videos

How Climate Change Challenges the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent

Dr. Jamie Kwong

The United States is undertaking an extensive modernization campaign to ensure its nuclear weapons can deliver the deterrence mission for decades to come.

The Rise of the Chinese Techno-Security State

Dr. Tai Ming Cheung

In the intensifying competition between the United States and China for global supremacy, the ability to harness the complex interlinkages between economic development, national security, and technological innovation is at the center of this great power struggle.

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Employment Opportunities

An overarching goal of CGSR is to engage and develop the next generation of experts who can integrate significant technical expertise with a deep understanding of policy when addressing national security issues.

The Center maintains strong ties with University of California at Berkeley, Naval Postgraduate School, National Defense University, Center for Strategic & International Studies Project on Nuclear Issues and hosts fellows and interns.