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Agile and Comprehensive Governance of AI and Synthetic Biology

Wendell Wallach

There is a fundamental mismatch between the speed of scientific discovery and technological innovation and existing governmental approaches to the oversight of emerging technologies. This presentation will discuss more agile and comprehensive frameworks for the national and international governance of artificial intelligence and synthetic biology.

Striking Power How Cyber, Robots, and Space Weapons Change the Rules for War

John Yoo

Advances in autonomous robotics, cyber weapons, and space enable militaries to combat the most serious threats to international peace and security with more precision — putting fewer soldiers in harm’s way to advance US national security goals. Nevertheless, the rapid development of these new technologies puts militaries and civilian leaders in uncharted territory.

Latest Publications

Strategic Latency: Red, White, and Blue

Managing the National and International Security Consequences of Disruptive Technologies

U.S. Extended Deterrence and Japan’s Security

Livermore Papers on Global Security #2


Internship Opportunities

An overarching goal of CGSR is to engage and develop the next generation of experts who can integrate significant technical expertise with a deep understanding of policy when addressing national security issues.

The Center maintains strong ties with University of California at Berkeley, Naval Postgraduate School, National Defense University, Center for Strategic & International Studies Project on Nuclear Issues and hosts fellows and interns.

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