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China’s Nuclear Skepticism and the Future of Arms Control

Henrik Stålhane Hiim & Magnus Langset Trøan

Our project seeks to understand whether, when, and how great power alliance commitments to weaker states can lead to peacetime military policies that pose heightened risks of wartime escalation—particularly nuclear escalation.

China’s Evolving Nuclear Posture

Dr. Chris Twomey

This presentation will discuss how and why China is shifting its nuclear posture.

North Korea in a Nutshell: A Contemporary Overview

Dr. Kongdan (Katy) Oh

This comprehensive yet compact book provides a concise introduction to North Korea.

Latest Publications

Europe’s Evolving Deterrence Discourse

Amelia Morgan and Anna Péczeli


Employment Opportunities

An overarching goal of CGSR is to engage and develop the next generation of experts who can integrate significant technical expertise with a deep understanding of policy when addressing national security issues.

The Center maintains strong ties with University of California at Berkeley, Naval Postgraduate School, National Defense University, Center for Strategic & International Studies Project on Nuclear Issues and hosts fellows and interns.