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The Analog-Digital Conundrum: Why There Are No Solutions and What to Do About It

Todd Richmond

The pace of technological development and adoption has accelerated markedly during the digital age.

Maximum Pressure on Iran: Where do we go from here?

Richard Nephew

The United States has consolidated around a maximum pressure strategy to convince Iran to make fundamental changes to its nuclear program and entire foreign policy.

Latest Publications

Getting Innovation Right

Getting Innovation Right

Mona Dreicer, editor

The Demise of the INF Treaty and Indo-Pacific Security

The Demise of the INF Treaty and Indo-Pacific Security

Alan Cummings, Anthony Falzarano, Michael Gaines, and Jacob Sebastian

Cyberspace image

Strategic Competition in Cyberspace: Challenges and Implications

Jaclyn Kerr and Alexander Campbell, with Alan Cummings, Anthony Falzarano, Rafael Loss, Scot Purvis, Jacob Sebastian, Justin Sherman, and Jake Tibbetts


Employment Opportunities

An overarching goal of CGSR is to engage and develop the next generation of experts who can integrate significant technical expertise with a deep understanding of policy when addressing national security issues.

The Center maintains strong ties with University of California at Berkeley, Naval Postgraduate School, National Defense University, Center for Strategic & International Studies Project on Nuclear Issues and hosts fellows and interns.