Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Eileen Vergino

Eileen Vergino is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Security Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where she is responsible for helping to plan and implement CGSR studies with an emphasis on examining the ways in which technology can enhance international security. She oversees and initiates international science and technology partnerships designed to further U.S. nonproliferation objectives, including collaborative projects in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. In addition, she serves as a member of the U.S. Department of Defense Threat Reduction Advisory Committee.

Vergino served as the primary contact and science advisor, representing LLNL with U.S. Department of State, for the International Science and Technology Center and the Science and Technology Center of the Ukraine. As science advisor, she coordinated the LLNL scientific review of projects, provided scientific support to the State Department, including recommendations for project funding, and worked with her counterparts from the European Union, Japan, Korea, Norway, and Canada. Additionally she had primary responsibility for the community development activities with the city of Snezhinsk as part of the Nuclear Cities Initiative. She also served on the DOE Community Development Task Force and has been instrumental in establishing the Sister City relationship between the cities of Livermore and Snezhinsk.

Vergino previously was Director of Education Programs at LLNL, where she was responsible for planning, developing, and implementing education outreach programs for regional and national impact for students and teachers from elementary school through graduate degree programs. Prior to this, she worked for more than 16 years as a seismologist in LLNL's Treaty Verification Program. Her research involved seismic yield estimation and discrimination studies, and she published numerous papers on these subjects. She holds a master's degree in seismology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Selected Publications

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