Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Current Opportunities

CGSR seeks applicants whose research deals with strategic deterrence, proliferation, and international security.

More specifically, we are looking for top PhD candidates, postdoctoral scholars and student research associates to contribute to research projects in five main thrust areas:

  1. Major Power Rivalry and Deterrence
  2. New Regional Challengers and Challenges
  3. Toward Integrated Strategic Deterrence
  4. The Future of Long Term Competitive Strategies
  5. The Future of Cooperative Measures to Reduce Nuclear Dangers

We encourage suggestions on other research topics on international security issues and students with regional expertise.

Depending on your level of experience, research associates at CGSR conduct their own independent research in consultation and collaboration with the leading scientific experts at LLNL who provide technical solutions to the US government. Each fellowship provides a competitive salary with a programmatic activities budget (including travel funds). Appointment terms vary between 2 to 4 months in length depending on research associate availability.

Student & Post Doc Positions

Other Opportunities

Program Requirements
Livermore Graduate Scholar Program PhD candidates
Lawrence Fellow Program Postdoc — within 5 years of graduation
LLNL Postdoctoral Position Graduate — within 5 years of graduation
LLNL Student Internship Program Undergraduate, graduate, or accepted into a program
Postdoc Ad for UC/LLNL/LANL Collaboration Expect to receive PhD degree by August 1, 2021
DOE Scholars Program Student or recent college graduate