Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Center for Global Security Research (CGSR) was established at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in 1996 to bring together experts from the science, technology, and policy communities to address pressing national security challenges. For almost 20 years, CGSR has engaged diverse perspectives on topics important to national security, deterrence, diplomacy, dual-use technology, arms control, nonproliferation, peacekeeping, cyber defense and energy security.

Via workshops, studies and independent research projects CGSR strives to study the issues from both a technical and policy perspective and to gain an understanding of the needs, capabilities, limitations and possible solutions to difficult security problems.

Center for Global Security Research Objectives

  • To explore the dynamics of potential 21st century strategic conflicts, (i.e., those with a potential nuclear aspect) and to formulate ideas about how to achieve U.S. deterrence and other objectives in such conflicts.
  • To explore the sources and characteristics of strategic competition in the emerging security environment and to formulate organizing concepts to enhance the competitive position of the United States and its allies and partners over the long term.
  • To identify whether and how technically-based approaches can address new challenges to national and international security.
  • To catalyze broader national and international thinking about the requirements of effective deterrence, assurance, and strategic stability in a changed and changing security environment.
  • To assist in the development of new generations of experts motivated by a clear view of the changed and changing security environment.

CGSR is focused on these thrust areas:

For more information, contact CGSR at (925) 422-6141