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Photo of Brian Radzinsky

Dr. Brian Radzinsky is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Search Research (CGSR) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His work at CGSR focuses on developing new concepts and methods to measure the military balance, applying a net assessment approach. His broader research interests are in nuclear deterrence, advanced and emerging technologies and regional security dynamics, and how these interact to affect strategic deterrence, allied assurance, and escalation.

Brian received a Ph.D. in political science and international relations from the George Washington University in July 2020. Prior to joining CGSR, he served as the deputy director of the Nuclear Security Working Group at the George Washington University. He has published in the Washington Post Monkey Cage blog, War on the Rocks, the Texas National Security Review and the Journal of Peace and Nuclear Disarmament. Brian is also a member of the Mid-Career Cadre organized by the Center for Strategic & International Studies Project on Nuclear Issues. He received a B.A. in political science from Reed College.

Selected Publications:

Nuclear decision-making, complexity and emerging and disruptive technologies: A comprehensive assessment. European Leadership Network (co-authors: Anna Peczelli, Brian Radzinsky, Jacek Durkalec) February 2022