Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Recent CGSR Publications


3rd Annual Cross-Domain Deterrence Seminar: Towards Integrated Strategic Deterrence, Summary Report (November 15—17, 2016)

Rethinking Approaches to Strategic Stability in the 21st Century, Workshop Summary (February 2017)

Space and the Third Offset, Workshop Report (January 2017)

Deterring a Nuclear-Arming North Korea, Workshop Report (January 2017)

Game On: Strengthening the U.S. Undersea Posture to Enhance Deterrence and Warfighting Options, Jason D. Ellis (December 2016)

Independent Biotech: the Regulation/Innovation Dilemma, Workshop Report (August 2016).

Remixing the ‘Appropriate Mix’ Reassessing NATO’s Deterrence and Defense Posture in the Face of New Threats, Anthony Juarez (May 2016).

Livermore Papers No. 1: Redefining the U.S. Agenda for Nuclear Disarmament - Analysis and Reflections, Dr. Lewis A. Dunn (October 2016).

Dogs that Haven't Barked: Towards an Understanding of the Absence of Expected Technological Threats, Workshop Report (July 2016).

Summary of Workshop - The Future of Nonproliferation in a Changed and Changing Security Environment By William Tobey, William Tobey (July 2016).

The Case for U.S. Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century, Brad Roberts (December 2015).

The Future Role of HPC in Medical Product Decision Making, Workshop Report (September 2015).

Strategic Weapons of the 21st Century, Anthony Juarez (March 2016).

Countering Russia’s Strategy for Regional Coercion and War, Paul Bernstein (March 2016).

Extended Deterrence and Japan: How Much is Enough?, Michael Markey (March 2016).

2015 Cross-Domain Deterrence Seminar Summary Report, Anthony Juarez (November 2015).

Seizing the Initiative: Competitive Strategies and Modern U.S. Defense Policy, Jason D. Ellis (January 2016).

Thinking Globally about U.S. Extended Deterrence, Summary of Key Insights, Brad Roberts, David Santoro, Tristan Volpe, and John Warden, (November 2015).

Strategic Latency and Warning: Private Sector Perspectives on Current Intelligence Challenges in Science and Technology, Workshop Report (January 2016).

Systems Concept for Arms Control Verification, C.D. Chen, M. Dreicer, D. Prosnitz, J. Benz, L. Duckworth (July 2015).

Putin’s Russia and U.S. Defense Strategy, Workshop Report (August 2015).

2014 Cross-Domain Deterrence Seminar Summary Notes, R. J. Vince (May 2015).


Technical Challenges Associated with the New U.S. Nuclear Agenda—Summary of a Joint SNL-LLNL-CSIS Workshop: Proceedings, Briefings, and Takeaways

Energy Technologies for the 21st Century: The Roles of Renewable Energy

Argo-Terrorism: What Is the Threat? Proceedings of a workshop at Cornell University

The Enemy is Still Below—The Global Diffusion of Submarines and Related Technology

Whither Deterrence? Final Report of the 2001 Futures Project

Energy Technologies for the Markets of the 21st Century

Tracking the Global Spread of Advanced Technologies

The Insurance Value of Energy R&D

Verifying the Agreed Framework

After Globalization—Future Security in a Technology Rich World

Proliferation-Resistant Nuclear Power Systems: A Workshop on New Ideas, June 2-4, 1999

The Limits of Diplomacy: Missile Proliferation, Diplomacy, and Defense

Crossroads: Nonproliferation, South Asia, and Global Security

Procedures for Investigating Suspicious Outbreaks of Infectious Disease in a Noncooperative Environment

U.S. Nuclear Policy in the 21st Century—A Fresh Look at National Strategy and Requirements, Executive Report

U.S. Nuclear Policy in the 21st Century—A Fresh Look at National Strategy and Requirements, Final Report

Workshop on Protecting and Assuring Critical National Infrastructure: Next Steps

Meeting the Challenge of International Peace Operations: Assessing the Contribution of Technology

A Comparative Analysis of Approaches to the Protection of Fissile Materials

Inspection Procedures for Compliance Monitoring of the Biological Weapons Convention

Landmine Policy in the Near-Term: A Framework for Technology Analysis and Action

The Utility of Sampling and Analysis for Compliance Monitoring of the Biological Weapons Convention

Environmental Threats and National Security: An International Challenge to Science and Technology

Director's Series on Proliferation